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The Ready to Meet service


Initial 30 minute call is free so why not call today?


Fair, pragmatic and timely solutions to work problems
Expertise, peace of mind and non judgemental advice.


Things are difficult at work.  Perhaps you have been invited to a key meeting about a grievance, disciplinary or redundancy.  Perhaps you have been dismissed or perhaps you can see the changes that are coming and want to initiate a difficult conversation with your boss.


ACAS, your trade union or your HR department should be able to help.  ACAS give great free advice over the phone but sometimes you need a bit more support weighing up your options or preparing for the meeting.  Perhaps you are not a member of a trade union and you find it difficult to talk to your HR department (if you have one) because they are also advising the company's management.  Lawyers can be expensive and perhaps you want to get a resolution without escalating things to a lawyer which can feel like the nuclear option.  Family and friends may not have the expertise, may be giving you conflicting advice, or may struggle to see things impartially.  We can help.


We offer:

  • Initial, free, no obligation, 30 minute phone call to see whether your situation is something we can help you with as part of our Ready To Meet service.

  • If you decide to go ahead then for £449, we offer:

  • A review of your contracts, policies, handbooks and any relevant correspondence.

  • Advice as to how to interact with your employer.

  • A 60 minute meeting or phone call (as you prefer) to discuss courses of action open to you given the situation, your needs, and the organisation and industry you work for.

  • Indication of likely outcomes.

  • Take away document sent to you after our meeting/ call to help you prepare for the meeting to help you secure the outcome you have identified you want.

  • Follow up call after the meeting.


For an additional fee, and with your employer's agreement, we can attend the meeting.

Preparation for one appeal, if needed, is included in the fee.

If matters reach tribunal then we can help you prepare or put you in touch with reputable, competitively priced employment lawyers, as you prefer.


If you have already been dismissed, we can help you, our Ready To Meet (Dismissed) service is from £649, and we seek to recover costs from the other side as part of your settlement.  Testimonials are available on request.

Linden Tree HR believe that where there are problems at work there is always a fair, pragmatic, legally compliant and timely solution that suits all parties.  We believe it is our job to help you get there.


If you choose to work with us then you will have a named consultant who will be a Chartered Member of the CIPD with extensive directly relevant experience.


Unlike most of our competitors, we live and work in London so as well as being a phone call or email away, we can meet face to face if you prefer.

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