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Big enough to deliver, small enough to innovate.

Linden Tree HR was set up by Suzanne St. Clair and Helen Rutherford in 2015.  Suzanne and Helen are passionate about helping businesses devise and deliver fair, pragmatic, timely and legally compliant, best fit, HR practices that support business leaders to deliver their business plan. 


Helen and Suzanne learned the ropes with big employers before moving on to smaller employers which could be more dynamic in their actions and more creative in their decision making.  Helen and Suzanne believe that it is no surprise that it is businesses of 2 to 250 employees who are powering the UK economy and believe that these are the businesses where excellent HR practice can quickly enable improved staff morale and productivity.  Small businesses require that all of their people deliver to maintain or increase their competitive advantage and ensure profitability, they can't move or ignore people problems if they want to thrive or wait for a company wide solution to be handed down from Head Office.  A recent study by the CIPD found that an unhappy employee costs an organisation an average of £16,000 per year.


What we hadn't anticipated was the demand from MDs of divisions of larger organisations who had an inhouse or shared HR service but needed immediate help from someone who 'got' their business and had the experience to devise and implement new solutions that met the immediate business needs in a timely and cost effective way.  We have found that with the immediate issue resolved, our clients ask us to look at other areas of their people practices and to help them change their approach so it better meets their business needs.  This means that not only was the initial issue addressed but the processes and practices were put in place to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.


Everyone who works with Linden Tree HR has experience of working in core business functions before choosing to move into HR.  We believe this ensures that we never lose sight of the fact that HR solutions need to be delivered in a timely and cost effective way and meet the law and the needs of the business rather than a one size fits all approach.  


If you choose to work with us then you will have a named consultant, or named consultants depending on the nature and size of the project.


Unlike most of our competitors, we live and work in London so as well as being a phone call or email away, we can usually pop in to see you if you prefer.


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