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Bringing together the expertise you need and the pragmatism that delivers.



Are you confident in your contracts and staff handbook?


Are your pay structures flexible enough to meet your business' needs without landing you with an equal pay claim?  Do you need to find out more about pay gap reporting?

Do you want to be paper free?  Are your Excel records creaking at the seams? Speak to us if its time to deploy HR software so staff can submit changes to their records online, and line managers have the information they need at their finger tips.


Is in-fighting holding your business back? Are you struggling to attract or retain talent? Are your senior staff stuck in a rut and need help finding their business mojo?  Do you need to restructure but don't know where to start?  Do you need your line managers to step up and stop avoiding difficult conversations?


Do you want to introduce the National Living Wage but are not sure what you need to do?



Project Anchor
Service 01 - HR Now!



Ad-hoc and urgent people problem that you have identified that you need support with now?


Perhaps you have received a grievance or tribunal claim form, perhaps you have become aware of a legislative change and want to make sure your policies and practices are ready.  Has the situation deteriorated and it can't continue?  Perhaps you need an independent person who is not part of the situation to resolve it.  We can help.


Whether you want us to advise you how to proceed or whether you wish us to come in and take the problem off your hands, contact us today for a chat and once we understand the complexity of the problem, and the time it is likely to take to resolve, we can provide you with a no obligation quote.


Call us on 0207 846 0116, or click here to complete the Contact Form.



Service 02 - HR Project/ Interim

You need additional HR resource who can get their head around your business and deliver efficiently and then leave.  


Perhaps you have an HR team but they need more experienced support, a fresh pair of eyes, or this is a discreet piece of work for which they don't have capacity.  


Examples include:

  • Restructure

  • Recruitment programme

  • Workforce Planning

  • Job Evaluation/ Equal Pay Audit

  • Employee Relations issue - Tribunal, Disciplinary, Grievance, Dismissal.

  • Redundancy

  • Performance Management.

  • Implementation of a self-service personnel system.

  • Line manager training

  • Organisational Development

  • Maternity cover.


Call us on 0207 846 0116, or complete the Contact Form and we will call you back.

Service 03 - Pay As You Go HR

Pay As You Go.  Suits an employer who wants to pay for HR support only when they need it.


Are you an MD who has been successfully managing the business by yourself? You don't need ongoing HR support yet or another monthly overhead but you do want access to HR support when you need it from someone who has the knowledge and experience to deliver fair, pragmatic and legally compliant HR that works for your organisation and its people and supports the delivery of your business plan.


PAYG HR might work for you if:

  • the company is growing

  • the issue or project is too time consuming and is taking you away from core business

  • you have become aware of a legislative change and want to make sure your policies and practices are ready.

  • you are not the right person to solve this problem.


We can provide a full generalist HR service so call us today to talk about what you need and how we can help you.

Service 04 - Retainer/ HR Business Partner



Retainer.  Suits businesses who don't want an HRD on site but want to pay an annual fee to have one available when they need one.  


Retainer is designed for small and medium sized businesses that don't need a full time Human Resources Director but would like immediate access to strategic or operational HR advice from an experienced and current practitioner as the need arises - When change is planned, or a staffing issue arises, or senior recruitment is needed, for example.


We will quickly 'get' your business and help you deliver the people aspects of your business plan.


We have three Retainer models which suit most of our clients needs but we would be happy to talk through your organisation's specific requirements.


Our Bronze package suits most small businesses that want to ensure they are complying with legislative requirements and who want occasional help with staffing issues.  


Our Silver package suits businesses that need a little bit more and want a same day response.  


Our Gold package suits medium sized or growing businesses who envisage a prolonged period of change and are perhaps using us instead of hiring a part time HR Manager. 


Complete the Contact Form and we will call you back and arrange a convenient time to pop in and discuss your requirements.

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